Sexuality Gender and Pop Culture

Sexuality Gender and Pop Culture Students will write a 4-page blog/essay (1000-1200 words; not including bibliography) analyzing/critiquing a pop culture text of your choosing using feminist theories/debates presented in class.

Sexuality Gender and Pop Culture
Sexuality Gender and Pop Culture

This text can be anything in popular culture – a film, a television show or character, a commercial, a podcast, a music video, a comic, a meme – you choose what to write about. You are writing a blog so be accessible and personal (you can use “I”), situating yourself in relation to the text. Why did you choose this? Why is it important to you? What are your thoughts about it? Why should your reader care about this?
-You will be marked on the construction of your argument, use of class materials, and writing style.
-Your blog must draw from and cite a minimum of 3 class readings. Additional sources may also be used. Your writing should demonstrate a significant engagement with the concepts and themes covered in the course.

Sexuality Gender and Pop Culture Referencing and Formatting Style

Please include a works cited page and format your references using either MLA or APA style.
In the blog you will need to:
1. Identify and describe the popular culture text you have chosen. Assume that your reader is not familiar with this text, so provide enough contextual details for them to follow your arguments.
2. Identify and outline what definitions/theories of feminism you are using to structure your argument.
3. Make your argument using specific examples from the text you have chosen, being sure to make connections across class readings, presentations, discussions, articles, etc.

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