Small Business Startup Assignment Paper

Small Business Startup
Small Business Startup

Small Business Startup

(Prepare a viable business proposal for a product or service for a given company. The business proposal will be approximately 3000 WORDS NOT INCLUDING
APPENDICES, REFERENCES, Diagrams, TABLES, GRAPHS OR PICTURES and be submitted as a word document. you will present your company research and opportunity recognition, midway through the module for formative assessment.)

– Please see the files I have upload it.. PowerPoint file its very helpful.. And word document for the assignment specification.

– We have chosen the MYO bracelet technology and apply it in one of the Xbox game (need for speed most wanted version 2016).
– Change the name to EG bracelet (Electronic game bracelet).
– The price will be 140 $.
– Add more colors.
– The company will start sell this product from Qatar then International.
– Take the permission from the two companies (MYO and Need for speed published company).
– This a few hints for the introduction (As fresh graduates we will use the IT skills gained and join partner in order to help market and sell the product…
you can add.
– Also for the company history ( we are fresh graduate and have an idea we want to develop it …etc.) you can add .

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