Smart Thinking Psychology Paper

Smart Thinking Psychology Paper I already have a paper written I just need the paper to be fixed and adjusted to all the teacher’s requirements it is a 6-page paper I will upload when someone is assigned I just need these items fixed APA Style Cover page – present, but lists extra information and missing college name.

Smart Thinking Psychology Paper
Smart Thinking Psychology Paper

Content page – present and correct. The content that you have written so far is good.

However, there are some sentences that you have used information from your sources and not cited. In-text citations are needed for each sentence from which information is borrowed from a source. Be sure to add these before the final submission.

Page numbering – present, but missing on cover page, add “1” there, right-justified. Also, page numbering should be in the header, not below it. Running head – present, formatted incorrectly. See APA Style Guide. Should not be bold, should be fonts 12 times new roman. References page – present, but References should be centered at the top of the page. Four Individual References – present, but formatted incorrectly. There is information missing from some sources. Also, journal titles should be capitalized and italicized. See the APA Style Guide or use SmartThinking tutoring for assistance with this. Correct APA Style (font 12 Times New Roman, double-spaced) – Present

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