Social Justice Current Event Paper

Social Justice Current Event Paper
Social Justice Current Event Paper

Social Justice Current Event Paper

Assignment Instructions
This three-part assignment involves your group choosing a current event newspaper article and writing a paper about the experience. I encourage your group to choose an event that resonates with you and challenges your critical thinking skills.
Part I: Identifying a Current Event/Social Problem
Find a newspaper article written in the past two years about a current event, social problem, or social work/social welfare program. Most major newspapers in the country can be accessed online. This current event must be a factual news article, not an op-ed piece or an editorial. Please submit a copy of your article along with your group paper.
Part II: Writing the Main Body of the Paper
You are required to write a 3-page minimum to 4-page maximum paper. Please remember that this is an academic paper so be certain to adhere to the Written Assignment Guidelines Policy located in the Course Policy section of this syllabus. (APA Writing Style).

From a professional standpoint (not an essay), succinctly, critically, and deeply answer the following questions:
1. Describe the main points of the article. Who wrote it and from what perspective? What is the social problem, policy, or program that this article describes?
2. What is the relevance of this article to course lectures, guest speakers, required readings and/or discussion sections?
3. What are some implications for social work practice, policy, or social programs?
4. What is the social justice issue(s) identified in your selected reading and how does it relate to themes explored in
the course?
5. What kind of intervention(s) at the micro, mezzo and macro level has been proposed to address this injustice?

Part 3: Conclusion of the Paper
This part of the papers should be 2-3 pages. Each person can give their own opinion or if the group feelings are the same, a group opinion can be given. After giving your opinion (s) or group opinion, write a group conclusion to the paper.
1. Discuss your thoughts, feelings, and personal reactions to the article. What did you learn? Be specific and provide examples, if necessary.
2. Are there ways in which you feel you may have contributed to and/or experienced the injustice at any level? 3. Write your conclusion.

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