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Social Media Marketing

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Executive Summary

With the creation of Facebook and Twitter among other social blogging networks in the early part of the twenty-first century, exchange of communication became a lot easier and wider. People became able to share photos, make new friends from different continents, share text messages amongst each other and even advertise their products online for free. Lorna Jane is an Australian wear company that recently decided to venture into the growing yoga clothing market. This is not traditional for the enterprise. Therefore, the company would like to understand Facebook as a potential marketing platform for their new product line. Social media has grown over the last decade from a social interaction site to an important marketing place for products of varying types. The essence of writing this consumer insight report is to analyze the behaviors and traits of social media audience as potential buyers for the Lorna Jane wear company’s new line of yoga outfit. In this project, emphasis will be put on Facebook as the primary target social media market.

Evaluation of the findings

According to the research findings, all the individuals who were sampled in the study had Facebook accounts. This shows that Facebook had a larger following of members compared to the other social media sites such as Instagram which came second, Twitter and the rest. 77 percent of the research sample had logged into their Facebook accounts less than an hour before the research was conducted. This shows that Facebook users, which are a majority of the social media users log into their accounts within hourly intervals. Most of the Facebook users also log into their accounts on daily basis. This shows that the social media site is very attractive among the youths. 16.3 percent of the interviewed people checked their Facebook accounts at least ten times per day. 16.6 percent of the sample spent at least two hours per day on Facebook. The highest number of people in the sample population spent their time on the Facebook reading newsfeed. Liking and viewing of photos and Facebook were some of the mostly performed activities.

The information from the first survey can be used to formulate an appropriate marketing policy for the new line of yoga outfit for the Lorna Jane were a company. From the information collected from the survey, Facebook is the most popular social network. Some of the most popular activities on the social network involve viewing timelines and exchanging photos. These traits are important for marketing of a product that depends on an impression to consumers. The posting of any comment or picture about a product on Facebook would lead to exposure to many potential customers. The high frequency with which Facebook users log into their accounts on Facebook presents a higher probability of a product being marketed on Facebook of being spotted by consumers.

In the second survey, many individuals interviewed were either just certified, at 34%, not sure whether satisfied or dissatisfied at 20% or dissatisfied at 22.7%. These statistics indicates that there is a high potential for the investment into the yoga outfits business. The dissatisfied people, 22.7% of all the sampled population, are a number large enough to warrant investment into products concerned with body fitness. The 20% of the sampled population who are not sure are also a target market as social media may also be used to influence people into not being satisfied with their unfit bodies and, therefore, start yoga. On the matter of importance of the looks in yoga pants, most of the sampled population was of the views that it was slightly important, moderately important and fairly important. This shows that at least people care about how they look in yoga pants. Therefore, they would prefer to buy a fashionable yoga outfit. This would be significant in choosing how to market the Lorna Jane Yoga line. The results for those planning to buy yoga pants in the subsequent 12 months showed that 62% of the participants would buy the pants within the period. This shows that there is an extremely potential market for yoga pants. Most of the participants also did not own the Lorna Jane line of pants. This showed that there is a need for a stronger marketing strategy to ensure that there is growth in the number of consumers of Lorna Jane yoga pants. The comments put along with the photos on Facebook influenced the people’s view of the brand. For instance, the second comment about Melanie was a bit selfish and self-centred. Therefore, people did not like the brand as much as they liked the pants in the first photo.

Recommendations and justifications

Lorna Jane Wear Company should employ Facebook as a marketing tool through paid ads. The company should also pick a famous sports person as a face for the campaign.

Based on the fact that Facebook utilizes both the consumer culture theory and the experimental consumer theory, the company should employ a strategy that takes advantage of both models. As seen from the analysis of the research above, most of the people are on Facebook and marketing via Facebook would expose the product to more potential consumers (Alizadeh, 2015). The investment into yoga wear is a risk that the company is willing to take, and it would, therefore, be correct for the enterprise to exploit any possible niche for their brand. Facebook is one of these niches (Shank & Lyberger, M.2014).

The choosing of an athlete as a face of the new Lorna Jane Yoga clothing line is based on the application of the two theories of consumption that Facebook exploits. The athlete must have a desirable athletic body as looks of people in yoga pants matter according to the research. The face of the campaign will be seen in ads of the new line around the internet and Facebook. This sports personality should be of attractive physic and popular among the youths (Kotler & Armstrong, 2010). This is because the youths are the principal target of Facebook marketing. The face of the campaign will wear the clothing line during her yoga exercises and share nice photos of herself via her official Facebook fan page and the official Lorna Jane fun page. Facebook users will then be exposed to the photos of the athlete experiencing the use of the yoga outfit in different stages of consumption.


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