Social Networking Constructive Speech

Social Networking
Social Networking

Social Networking

My argument is “Social Networking sites does not threaten privacy rights.”
My opponent’s argument is “Social Networking sites threaten privacy rights.”

Please make a constructive speech where I will have the primary burden of refuting the other team’s argument by analyzing and explaining the flaws in the opponent’s position. I want you to identify my opponent’s key arguments and attack their legitimacy by turning the analysis to the other side by presenting evidence that destroys or reduces the opposing position; presenting alternate causes that are not accounted for by the opposition argument, exposing argument inconsistencies between the speakers and the opponents and their statements during crossfire. I want you to develop a full sentence speech case outline that includes:

(1) An introduction that links your second speech to your first speech, followed by an overview of the issue, which is frequently the opponents

(2) please write 3-4 reasons/evidence for why the opponent is wrong that are written out as contentions with claims, evidence, and impact.

(3) please write a conclusion that summarizes my position as well as illustrate what the clash (exchange of arguments) means for my position within the debate.

*Important: Please make 3-5 questions for me to ask my opponent, to clarify arguments and evidence presented by the other and demonstrate flaws in the
opponent’s arguments.

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