Social Psychology Research Assignment

Social Psychology
Social Psychology

Social Psychology

Choose and read one of the articles.
Based on the readings do the following:
1) 1) In one paragraph, identify and discuss 3 things that you learned from the article. (What specifically did you learn and what did you learn about it?)
2) In three separate paragraphs, relate each of the things you learned from the article to one concept, theory or idea from the course. (Take the 3 ideas you
mentioned above and explain to me how they relate to concepts from this course) You should have 3 paragraphs, each relating one thing you learned from the article to one concept, theory or idea from the course.
3) In one paragraph, tell me how accurate and valid the conclusions are in comparison to what you have learned from the course. (Do you believe the results,
do they make sense, explain why or why not. BE SPECIFIC!)
All papers must be typed, double spaced and stapled with your name printed clearly on the first page. I expect that this assignment will end up being between 2-3 pages, if you have completed the assignment in one page, you probably have not done all that I have asked for.
Paragraphs should be are at least 5 sentences and if you feel like one paragraph is not enough to get your ideas across, then please write more. I will never
deduct points for writing more.
Identify means tell me.
Discuss means tell me about something in as much detail as you thing necessary to get your point across.
You should not need to cite anything for this assignment, but if you do I do not care what format it is in as long as you give proper credit to the idea. MLA
and APA are both fine citation styles.

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