Social Work Personal Statement Assignment

Social Work Personal Statement
Social Work Personal Statement

Social Work Personal Statement

Social Work Personal Statement

Professional Information
1. Describe how your work history and related volunteer experiences have prepared you to pursue a master’s degree in social work.
2. Describe how your strengths and limitations may influence your development as a professional social worker.
3. What are your short-term and long-term goals for a career as professional social worker?
4. Our school has a strong cross-cultural emphasis and values diversity. What attributes and values do you possess that can enrich our school’s cross-cultural orientation? How do you think your worldview regarding diversity will influence your work in school and as a social worker?
5. Please describe any professional cross-cultural experiences you have had, especially with regard to value conflicts and how those conflicts were resolved.
Educational Plan
Our program is rigorous and demands a great deal of time and attention. In the two-year program, students spend an estimated 52 total hours per week for their studies (which includes 12 hours of classes, 16 hours of field internship, and 24 hours of reading, studying, and preparing class assignments). In the three-year program, students spend an estimated 24 total hours per week in the first year, and 37 total hours per week in the second and third years. (Please note these are estimates and a student’s hours may be higher or lower).
Revised 8/17
6. What is your plan for managing your responsibilities with such a rigorous graduate program?
For example, there is no flexibility when it comes to class and internship schedules, as it is a cohorted program; therefore, if you will be working while in the program, please explain how you will reconcile this with such a rigorous program. Please consider financial and time management issues.
Vignettes/ Case Illustrations
7. Discuss a situation in which you were confronted with a difficult value or ethical conflict. How did you resolve it? What were some of the factors you considered in making your decision? How was the person and/or other individual affected by the situation?
Please draw upon your own work/volunteer experience to illustrate how you managed the situation described. If you have not had such an experience in a professional setting, please draw upon a personal experience and discuss how you would manage the situation if it occurred in a professional setting per the questions above.

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