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Socialization Essay
                Socialization Essay

Socialization Essay

Socialization is the process though which individuals learn their culture and become accepted members of their society. We are all born genetically as humans; however, sociologists argue that we have to be taught to behave like humans. In other words, what would be described as human behaviors are not necessarily instinctual. Rather, we learn to assimilate into the society around us through the process of socialization. Just how important is this process, and what would happen if a person was denied a traditional socialization experience?

Interpretation and Reflection
For this unit, you viewed the video on feral children. Respond to the following prompts in a 1–2-page paper:
Describe typical socialization agents that most people are exposed to from a young age and how primary socialization agents change as people grow.
What are some of the things people learn through the socialization process across their life span?
What do feral children reveal about the importance of nurture when considering the nature vs. nurture debate?

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