Sociology new mainstays of the US economy

Sociology new mainstays of the US economy
Sociology new mainstays of the US economy

Sociology new mainstays of the US economy

Please don;t just spit back definitions or phrases from the book. I want to see you integrate the concepts in to your answers.

Part one

Go to the website select any one of the issues related to a topic that we covered this past semester in class. When selecting a topic, click on the pros and cons tab for that particular issue and read both sides of the argument on the issue. Some of the topics may have multiple questions/issues in the general topic. Try to limit yourself to one particular point or question within that issue. Briefly describe which of the three sociological perspectives we have been studying is being used by each side. Defend your answer with concepts from the course. (25 points)

Part 2

Technology and Innovation are the new mainstays of the US economy and bring great rewards as well as some potentially troubling changes. As you think about the future of business and companies becoming more automated and relying on various forms of artificial intelligence (including the use of robots) discuss what the impact on the stratification of wealth might be in this new economy.

Part 3

(all students choose two of these four topics to respond)

For Part 3, read all four of the attached articles and select two that you will respond to. You response should include your opinion of which sociological paradigm you think the author or the article is coming from. Briefly defend why. Then state which perspective you are most likely to view this social issue from (you could agree or disagree with the author) and give one or two reasons why you think that is the case.

  1. Detailed maps show where children live matters deeply(
  2. Across generations, a fading bond(
  3. Educated parents have educated kids. Genes aren’t the reason.(
  4. The Ghost Budget


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