Software Engineering Case Study Paper

Software Engineering
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Software Engineering

Due: All artifacts or deliverables for the exam must be uploaded to the “Final Exam” D2L dropbox folder by: Thursday, 12/13: 11:59pm

This is an INDIVIDUAL project. Any form of plagiarism on the exam will result in forfeiting all the points awarded for the final exam. You must cite all your sources.

Software Engineering Case Study


You are a Solutions Architect at a Software Consulting firm in Chicago, IL. Your company is interested in building a prototype of a B2B ECommerce web application that will be eventually\ handed over to your offshore developers in India to complete. Your company prefers to use Microsoft technologies.

Your final working PoC must exhibit the following features:

  1.  Ability to Register as a New User
  2. Ability to Login after registering as a user
  3. Ability to Search for products once a user logs in successfully
  4. Ability to navigate to a Product Detail page to view the Discount Price, List Price, Product
  5. Description, Product Name, and additional product attributes once an item in the search results page is selected.
  6. Ability to add an item to the Cart from the Product Detail page
  7. Ability to navigate to a Checkout page listing all items previously added to the cart


The Proof-of-Concept (PoC) application must be implemented using the following technology stack: ASP.NET / C#, MS Access or SQL Server.

NOTE: Your SQL Server database file must reside in your “App_Data” folder in Visual Studio.To receive full credit, your final output must exhibit knowledge of: Methods, Decision Structures (i.e. if/switch statements), Exception Handling (i.e. try … catch), Arrays and Loops, Variables, and Input Validation patterns.


  1. Identify and list all the User Stories described in this business scenario
  2. Identify and list all the Acceptance Criteria for at least 3 of the User Stories in this scenario
  3. Provide a Sequence diagram or Swim Lane diagram or Activity diagram to show all the interactions between End Users, Web Pages, and the database
  1. Provide a Software Architecture diagram for this scenario
  2. Provide a complete normalized logical data model (using Crow’s Foot notation) to support this Web Application
  1. Build the database. All tables in your application must have a Prefix of your first name (e.g. Ivor_Orders for the Orders table). You are not required to create all the tables identified in the ERD. However, you must manually populate the database tables with enough data to test all the features in your App.
  1. Using C# and ASP.NET, build all the web pages in this PoC scenario. Provide the full working prototype code and associated database files (including .aspx,.aspx.cs, .mdb, .web.config). Your PoC code must be as database-driven as possible. Provide information on how to test your App
  1. Name the ideal software development life cycle necessary for completing the final implementation of this project. Justify your recommendation
  1. Using industry analysis, recommend a “commercial off-the-shelf” (COTS) Ecommerce software package that can be used to build the final product. Justify your recommendation with appropriate references and/or supporting charts
  1. In no more than 1 paragraph, reflect on what you learned in this class and summarize how your newfound knowledge or appreciation for applications development will support you in your future career path. You must complete all 10 steps and provide the required artifacts to receive full credit

Instructions for the Deliverables:

You must upload all the contents of your Visual Studio project folder in a ZIP file to D2L to get full credit.

The prototype must be a web site with a SQL Server database back-end Your zipped file must include at least 1 database file in your “App_Data” folder, as well as all the “.aspx”, “.aspx.cs” and “web.config” files.

Provide an accompanying Word or PDF document containing all the non-programming sections of the project.

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