Soul Music: Don’t Leave Me This Way

Soul Music: Don't Leave Me This Way
Soul Music: Don’t Leave Me This Way

Soul Music: Don’t Leave Me This Way

Optional: “Soul Music: Don’t Leave Me This Way” (27 minutes)

Required: “Strange Fruit: Voices of a Lynching” (14 minutes)

“Slave Narratives: Then and Now” (16 minutes)

Rhetoric-in-Practice Exercise

What are the conventions of the podcast, a serial audio narrative genre? Analyze the different genres and voices used in the podcasts above in order to gain ideas about how you can best tell the story of your RIP. How do the authors decide what texts/genres/stories to tell side-by-side? Which elements of the podcasts are most persuasive? In a 250-word response, describe what you learned about narrative after listening to the podcasts. Upload your response here.

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