Spiritual Witnessing Experience Report

Spiritual Witnessing Experience Report Order Instructions: WITNESSING REPORT INSTRUCTIONS

During this course, you are required to share the gospel at least once with a person who does not self-identify as a Christian.

Spiritual Witnessing Experience Report
Spiritual Witnessing Experience Report

This experience must take place during these 8 weeks; you may not report about an encounter that took place before the course started or will take place after the course ends. It is recommended that this witnessing experience take place with someone you know and with whom you already have a relationship.

You will write a report of at least 500 words on this witnessing experience. The first page must describe the experience of the witnessing encounter (including the person to whom you witnessed, where it occurred, and how it occurred). The second page must focus on the following items:
a) How to follow up with this individual at a later date. In this part, focus on addressing some of the questions this person had during the initial conversation, and consider how/when (be specific) you will continue your dialogue.
b) How you will establish evangelism as a spiritual discipline throughout the remainder of your life (again, be specific).

Spiritual Witnessing Experience Report Sample Answer

Witness Report

The person I chose to share the gospel with is my friend Allyson Sy and we met at Starbucks Coffee on Feb. 7, 2017, at 4:00 pm because she was feeling down. This is why I shared the gospel to her that has a message about miracles. When I read the gospel to her which is John 2:1-11, she was skeptical of the part when Jesus turned water into wine because, according to her, there is no such thing as a miracle. Hence, she said that it never happened, but after some time, she began to open her mind to the possibility.

I did not allow her doubt to discourage me because I gave examples of little miracles that happen in daily life. For instance, how a person feels relieved after praying if she has been feeling unloved and lost. That miracles do not always happen in big crowds like the wedding in Cana at Galilee. That event had to happen because there were a lot of people and it was a banquet that symbolized the messianic era. There was also the faith of a mother in her son because all she had to do was tell Jesus there is not enough wine and he did the miracle.

If someone who does not self-identify as a Christian hears about this story, he or she might even laugh at me. Since Allyson is my friend, despite her skepticism, she continued to listen to my explanation. Meanwhile, I was also very careful not to make her feel that I am imposing anything to her. I have had experiences where people have become defensive of their beliefs because someone provoked them to. By making Allyson feel that I do not condemn her for not being a self-identified Christian, her reaction was lighter. And out of curiosity, she started to ask questions.

She wanted to know why his disciples did not believe Jesus’ ability to perform miracles. What happened at the wedding proved them wrong and they started to believe in him because that was clearly not a coincidence. They had no wine at first and Jesus filled 6 jars that held 30 gallons each. The disciples did not believe Jesus at first because they have never met anyone like that before and blasphemy was very common during that time. In the same way, Allyson thought I was being foolish, but she eventually opened her heart.

This is an encounter that I will not forget because it gave me a chance to open someone’s doors to the reality of miracles. Especially because that person is one of my good friends. I also related Jesus’ experience to how people doubt a leader at first until he or she proves them wrong. Jesus and his disciples can be compared to a group of friends who have been through a lot, got lost, and needed a credible leader to clear their path. This is something that can happen to a person, a company, or a peer group. There is always someone who has to take the lead so that everyone is safe.

After I talked to her about it, she gained more insights about life and why people tend to admire someone they can look up to. Since we still had time, I invited her to pray with me and told her that I will lead the prayer. She agreed because, since the does not self-identify as a Christian, she is not good with spontaneous prayers. I recited a prayer of thanksgiving and related it to the experiences we had. It was a 3-minute prayer that was enough to let her feel the power of prayer. She thanked me for the experience because it is not every day that she will encounter someone like me, and we happily ended our meeting.

Spiritual Witnessing Experience Report Source:

Gospel reading – John 2: 1-11


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