Sport Development in Canada Assignment

Sport Development in Canada Assignment For this assignment, you will be expected to apply the research knowledge found in the textbook, as well as additional journals, to create your paper on a topic relating to leisure or recreation in Canada.

Sport Development in Canada Assignment
Sport Development in Canada Assignment

You will select a minimum of 3-5 journal articles (research oriented and peer-reviewed) related to the topics of leisure and recreation in Canadian society, relevant to a topic that you find interesting. Careful selection of the articles and an in-depth understanding of their content will be necessary for successful completion of this assignment.

Sport Development in Canada Assignment Reference Sources

Other sources (websites, newspaper articles, etc.) may be used but will not count towards the minimum journal articles required and must be properly cited and referenced.
You will be graded on your understanding of the information presented in the articles and your ability to link this information to the concepts of recreation and leisure and your topic. You are free to choose your topic, preferably something that has piqued your interest during this course, but it must be related to leisure or recreation in Canada in some way. Popular topics in the past have included, but are certainly not limited, to:
Sport development in Canada
Leisure/recreation for Canada’s aging population
Leisure related to youth, new Canadians or minority populations
How funding can affect national/provincial programs related to leisure and recreation
Tourism, sustainable tourism, increase in technology, decrease of being in nature etc
The articles that you select must be academic peer-reviewed articles and you are to employ the same skills for finding these articles as you did to find the article for Assignment 1.
Some of the journals available in Dafoe Library and in University of Manitoba online database:
Journal of Leisure Research
Therapeutic Recreation Journal
Leisure Studies
Leisure Sciences
Annals of Tourism Research

Sport Development in Canada Assignment Paper Format

This assignment must be in APA format and marks will be deducted for those that do not adhere to APA guidelines. For APA formatting help, please see:
What is APA Format?:
Examples of APA Style of Documentation:
APA Formatting and Style Guide:

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