Strategic analysis of Fortis INC Case

Strategic analysis of Fortis INC Case Case: Fortis Inc. and the $11.8 Billion ITC Decision
You are a consultant to Fortis’s leadership team. Please advise what they should do.

Strategic analysis of Fortis INC Case
Strategic analysis of Fortis INC Case

Specifically, please identify the most important strategic issue/decision facing the organization, develop and assess your alternatives, make a recommendation, and develop an action plan for the leadership team.

Strategic analysis of Fortis INC Case Assignment Writing Guideline

Main body: 1500 words (including executive summary but excluding cover page and any appendix or exhibit). Be clear and concise. The appendix (i.e., your six most important insights from your Diamond-E assessment of the organization’s current strategy). Each point should be less than 60 words; otherwise, a penalty of 3 marks will be exercised. Typed and double-spaced using a 12-point Times New Roman font, with 1-inch margins for all sides1/2Report template for strategic analysis
Your report is to address a practical question and should add value to practicing managers. Theories (e.g., concepts and frameworks) are powerful tools that can assist your analysis, but they are also just tools. Your applications of various theories to the case provide a very useful basis for your report, but they should not be the report itself. Thus, the focus of your report should not be about theories you have learned from the textbook, but about what issues you address, what your recommendations are, and how you plan to implement your recommendations.
Practicing managers care about the quality of your recommendations and the supporting analyses, not about what theories you have used. Included below is a report template for your reference.

Strategic analysis of Fortis INC Case and the Executive Summary

0. Executive summary-Briefly summarize the key issue/decision point facing the organization and with brief justification.-Optional section. You could briefly note the alternatives you have considered, but you don’t have to.-State your recommendation and with brief justification.-Briefly summarize your implementation plan (not required for the mid-term project).
1. Key issue/decision point-Explain what the most important strategic issue facing the organization is (and the corresponding decision point). -You could also note other salient strategic and operational issues in this section (which are to be dealt with in the implementation plan), but should make it clear what is the most important strategic issue you will focus on in your report.
2.Alternative assessment-Preferably, each alternative should be meaningfully labeled.-Briefly describe each alternative and follow with the pros/cons.-Though not always necessary, it is preferable to include a synthesized assessment of each alternative after the pros/cons. 3.Recommendation-Clearly state what alternative(s) you recommend and briefly recap your rationale. Should you recommend multiple alternatives, be clear about the relationships between them (e.g., prioritization). 4. Implementation plan-Clearly state your recommended actions in different periods. In essence, your change agenda should be based on the cons of the recommended alternative(s), and you should prioritize the recommended actions along two dimensions – importance and timing.
5. Appendix: Your six most important insights from your Diamond-E analysis of the organization’s current strategy (each point should be less than 60 words)-In a real-world consulting report, you usually would not need such an appendix. However, it is required for the project in this course because a Diamond-E analysis of the current strategy should be the basis of your strategic analysis and it is very important that you know how to apply the Diamond-E framework to your analysis of an actual organization. -In this appendix, please simply write down your six most important insights from your Diamond-E analysis of the organization’s current strategy, especially those that are useful to support the arguments in your report.

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