Strategic and Tactical Intelligence Collection

Strategic and Tactical Intelligence Collection Assignment:
Topic Strategic and Tactical Intelligence Collection Requirements
Substantive 250+ word initial answer

Strategic and Tactical Intelligence Collection
Strategic and Tactical Intelligence Collection

Look at the differences between strategic and tactical intelligence collection, which address quite different problems and have different pressures and
demands. To complete this discussion board you should review IIE Part 3 (3.doc), Strategic Intelligence, review the IPB, and CIA collection operations. Also
review chapter 12 in the Clark book.
Please address the following question:
Identify at least 5 significant differences (there are many more) between intelligence collection for strategic analysis and intelligence collection for tactical military requirements. Remember to take a strategic view of this question. Think about source of requirements, tasking of platforms, turnaround times, the effect on analysis, collection planning, etc.
Use examples, demonstrate you have read the materials, and apply critical thinking skills to earn maximum points on this board. Show your sources as
well…it assists in the rigor of your thinking. You are welcome to draw on additional readings, but your work must at least reflect that you’ve completed the required readings.
For this discussion forum (and all subsequent discussion forums) you must contribute one posting that includes your original response to the topic and at least two postings that reflect on the contributions of another student. Remember to challenge yourself, others, and me. The more you push yourself and post the better the experience you will have.

Strategic and Tactical Intelligence Collection Instructions

Please answer the question in a substantial way, providing references to what you have read in support of your answer. A good rule of thumb is to compose your answer to the question around three good reasons why – each reason having its own paragraph with supports from the reading and perhaps a real-world example.
Make sure there is no plagiarism, will be checked
This is not an essay this should be written as discussion.
Use the Turabian endnote method of citation, noting the author, date, and page. (Tang 2008, 454). We add the requirement of the page number so that your classmates can find what you are citing. If there is no page number listed on the document, write “np” as in (Waltz 2001, np). See

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