Strategic human resource management

You are required to produce a report (3000 words) on the Strategic Management of Human Resources, (SHRM) for an OGANISATION OF YOUR CHOICE, which is currently operating at a National or Transnational (You can choose your organization from any sector; Private, Public or Not-for-Profit).
You will conduct a CRITICAL ASSESSMENT of the Strategic Human Resource Management, IDENTIFYING TWO areas of HRM practice that you feel NEED IMPROVEMENT. You must ANALYSE the organisation’s approach to managing those areas.
You will provide a RATIONALE for why you believe CHANGE IS NECESSARY and what ACTIONS the orgainsation needs to make.
You will need to reference your work (Harvard style) with appropriate underpinning academic theory and make use of both the lecture and seminar material. You may also include examples from other organisations where you feel comparisons are beneficial.

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