Strategic Management Suitability Essay

Strategic Management Suitability
Strategic Management Suitability

Strategic Management Suitability

Your assignment needs to be in an essay style,Must read Appendix 1, 2 and 3.

Assignment Question: Evaluate the suitability of the emergent and intended approaches to strategy management for your chosen organisation.
Having selected an organisation, you should be able to:

1.Describe the emergent and intended approaches to strategy formulation for your chosen organisation using academic theory to underpin and support your
You need to integrate theory and practice to demonstrate application here.
To achieve a good mark you also need to identify the merits and limitations of these approaches.
Mintzberg/Ansoff articles (appendix 2 & 3),

2.Relate strategy formulation to the differing environmental contexts your organisation faces (PEST, Porter’s 5 Forces)
You need to be able to demonstrate how the external environment affects your chosen organisation’s strategy. This will depend on the industry the
organisation is in with regards to whether it operates in a dynamic or relatively stable environment.
You will be identifying key issues (ie the results of PEST and Porter analysis) in terms of how these issues might have impacted on your chosen organisation over time, the type of strategy it used and its likely success given this and its configuration.

3.Demonstrate an understanding of how the configuration of the organisation is linked to environmental context (Mintzberg’s configurations)
The aim is to align your organisation with a configuration although we would expect you to critique the framework to some degree as pigeon holing an organisation in an ever-changing environment is difficult. You might identify parts of other configurations that could also be applied to your chosen organisation.
Mintzberg’s configurations (appendix 1)

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