Strategic Report for a CEO Assignment

Strategic Report for a CEO Assignment PLEASE NOTE that all documents must be thoroughly read and followed for this assignment.

Strategic Report for a CEO Assignment
Strategic Report for a CEO Assignment

I have submitted two similar ones and received very poor marks, I cannot afford a bad mark on my last and most important assignment. The first step is to select a company but first, start by reading through the file called assignment 3. Once the company is selected and approved then the report can begin. I have incorporated 3 weeks into this deadline to accommodate the selection of the company and all the documents that must be reviewed to complete a successful assignment/report. I will include the feedback given for the first two assignments to ensure the same mistakes are not repeated. The first 73 pages are a list of companies you cannot choose. Again, it is very important that all the instructions are thoroughly read and well followed.

THE FOLLOWING IS VERY IMPORTANT (also included in the attached doc):

Ï Note that your introduction to the organization will be more important with this assignment as there is a good chance that your marker is not familiar with it.

Ï Use the marking weight of each section as a rough guide to the length of that particular section. For example, if the External Analysis section is worth 15% of the assignment mark, then it should be approximately 15% of the report. In other words, it should be approximately 750 words in length for Assignment 3.

Ï Remember that Assignment 3 is being written for the CEO. Thus, Assignment 3 is not a case study, but a strategic report.

Ï Note that the CEO has asked you to write the report. Do not rely on quotes or copy passages from other sources. You are to provide unique content, analysis, and discussion for each assignment.

Ï Also, remember that as you are writing this report for the CEO of the company, you can assume that the CEO knows and understands all of the course concepts. Do not try to teach the reader or explain any of the course concepts.

Ï You are to write the report from the perspective of today. If you write the report based on a past date, you will receive a mark of ZERO (0%).

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