Strengths of CPS Research Paper

Strengths of CPS
            Strengths of CPS

Strengths of CPS

1. Learnings: This is the most important and substantial section. Write an in-depth reflection (250 words minimum each) on what you learned in this class, both about CPS and about yourself. Each reflection should include clear conclusions that are supported by substantial critical analysis of specific illustrative examples from class activities or course content. Separate these reflections in two sections. Beside each section heading are suggested things to reflect upon, though it is up to you what to comment on, other than the broad headings. Use your CPS Tools Documentation Sheets as guides for examples.
a. Learnings Related to CPS. What do you think are the strengths of CPS? What are the weaknesses? Can you see areas of your work or personal life that could benefit from CPS? Did the tools nurture creativity and a tolerance of ambiguity? Did the rules for converging and diverging help generate novel and useful solutions? How well did the group apply the guidelines? How did the application or misapplication of the guidelines affect the creative process and group dynamic? What strategies helped the group produce novel ideas and why? What strategies impaired the generation of novelty, why? Did you find more constrained or open-ended tools to be more useful? What were your favorite or least favorite aspects of the experience of using CPS?

b. Learnings Related to Self. What did you learn about yourself through the experiences in this class? What was it like noticing your success or failure in following the rules? FourSight emphasizes the importance of being self-conscious about which specific mode of thought to apply when solving a problem or working through a specific phase of CPS. What did the experience teach you about metacognition and creativity? How did the experience help nurture metacognitive skills? What did the experiences in this class teach you about your capacity to be creative? How did this impact your creative confidence? What do you need to work on? What are you already great at? What were the most important things you learned?

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