Structure of Leadership Development Portfolio Report

Structure of Leadership Development Portfolio Report Summary & Analysis of Remaining Self-Assessments (750 words – 5%)

Structure of Leadership Development Portfolio Report
Structure of Leadership Development Portfolio Report

1. Remaining Leadership Behavior assessments: MLQ (Transformational Leadership Questionnaire) and LMX (spreadsheet #3 – More Leadership Behaviors)
2. Social Network Analysis (spreadsheet #4 – Social Networks). See class slides from Social Network class. For one type of network (Task advice network,
Trust network, Buy-in network, or Career Support network)
a. Discuss the implications of your own social network’s properties on your current and future likely effectiveness as a leader including:
i. Size
ii. Density / Efficiency
iii. Constraint
Final Report on your Leadership Challenge Experience (1000 words – 5%)
1. Were you successful? Did you accomplish your original goals?
2. What actions or techniques most accounted for your successes? What weaknesses or oversights accounted for the less successful aspects of the project? How
do these relate to your personal traits, leadership style, competencies, etc?
3. Discuss your overall reaction to the exercise: What did you learn about leadership in general? What did you learn about your personal leadership style or
Your Personal Strategic Development Plan (750 words – 5%)

Structure of Leadership Development Portfolio Report Summary

1. A summary of your key Strengths & Weaknesses as a leader
a. Include only the material most relevant for you from the class
2. Your leadership goals over the next 3 – 5 years. This will necessarily involve some information about your general career goals, but should focus on the
leadership roles you are likely to hold and the types of competencies you will need to be effective in those roles.
a. What level or type of leadership positions or roles do you want in this time frame?
b. What knowledge, skills, competencies, etc. will you need to focus on or develop in order to accomplish these goals and be effective in those future
leadership roles?
3. Your specific Developmental Planning Chart for the next 3 -6 months (see below)
a. Identify key impact points for your development. Where do you plan to see your effectiveness improve?
b. Identify specific steps, activities, or experiences you plan to undertake to develop your leadership skills and capabilities in the short to medium term.
c. Remember to focus not just on weaknesses, but on areas where your current strengths can be better developed or deployed
Example Developmental Planning Chart

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