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Sufi Origins
                               Sufi Origins

Title for research paper: Sufi Origins

What it must thoroughly address and explain in detail:

  • How, when, why did Sufism originate?
  • Was it an utterly new phenomenon or did it draw upon the existing socio-religious practices?
  • Discuss the possible influences of Eastern Christianity, Neo-platonic though, Judaism, Hinduism, Gnosticism, Shamanism etc.

Recent Critique from previous purchased paper,

1. Research Paper must be : (700-800 words-excluding footnotes and bibliography)
Citation Format: You need to use footnotes (not endnotes!) throughout your paper and add a bibliography in the end, all complying with the Chicago Manual of Style (

Plagiarism and Cheating

1) Turnitin scans your paper and flags any content that is found on internet and in its database. If you plagiarize, I will take necessary actions. Please see the relevant sections below from the UU Student Code for the definitions of academic misconduct.

2) Recently there has been an increase in the number of students who ‘order’ their papers from online companies. First, these papers become noticeable to the instructor immediately in the process of grading hundreds of papers. Second, Turnitin also scans its own database (i.e. papers submitted in the previous years across the USA and rest of the world). So, instead of hoping that what you paid for has been written just for you, please write your own papers. When I discover any of these instances, I will take necessary actions.

Some expectations and rules: In composing senior-quality papers, I expect you to use 4 articles that are ALL scholarly. In using these scholarly sources, you are expected to read them and incorporate their contents into your own papers on the condition that you footnote each instance. Incorporated material should strengthen your argument/narrative OR provide a counterpoint that you may like to engage. Please critically analyze the sources you are using, which clearly means more than simply footnoting the first pages of each article/book.


Here are a few more areas for improvement: you need to work on the style; and the text could benefit significantly from some good editing. A clearer distinction between the claims of the Islamic tradition and the arguments of secular scholarship could better frame your paper, since you have the evidence to substantiate it. You need a better conclusion

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