Contemporary challenges facing Sufism in Egypt

Contemporary challenges facing Sufism in Egypt
Contemporary challenges facing Sufism in Egypt


Research Question
An authentic critical analysis of Sufism and how do manifestations of Sufism differ, or not, from modern Islamic movements?

Initial plan:
1.What is Sufism?
2.The Origin of Sufism/ Historical Background
3.Pathway of Sufism and their spiritual practice/ the modern day practices of the Sufi’s
4.Sufi orders in contemporary Egypt and their influence on society
5.Sufism and Modern Movements in Egypt such as Brotherhood, Salafi and how they are difference from each other according to their faith (creed), philosophy
and political ideas.
6.Political context in Egypt and Sufism and the role/representation they played during the national crisis like recent revolution and general election.
What is the state of the Sufis in contemporary Egypt in light of the recent developments? / What role are they likely to play or what was their position?
Transformation of Brotherhood.
7.There are fundamental differences between Sufis and Salafi & Brotherhood as well as secularism. So for whom Sufis and their followers did vote for? Or, not
they did take part in Elections?
How do manifestations of Sufism differ, or not, from modern Islamic movements? –This type of issues will be my research Question.
8.In the end, I would like to put forward some proposal to integrate Sufi orders in the mainstream politics in Egypt in a parallel way of their struggle to
please their Lord Allah.

1. I personally believe that, Sufism is spiritual life of Islam. In the most cases they are far away from politics or political Islam; although I believe
that they should take part in politics as Prophet Muhammad build an Islamic state in Madinah after his migration.
2. Please bear in mind that, my dissertation supervisor is a pro Sufism and therefore I would like to present ‘Sufism’ on my dissertation in a positive
manner, I don’t want portrait Sufi and Sufism in a negative way.
3. Please identity challenges clearly from British invention to current period.
4. Mention role of Al Azhar University played in support of Sufism.
5. Personally I’m also not agree with the following points:
• There is no solid arrangement regarding the significance of the word ‘Sufi’ and many authors generally debated about its connotation and its validity.
• It is escalating urban population and dispersal of non-religious based education have resulted in bringing in radical tension within the Muslim communities
especially owing to the influence of western societies. It has been ascertained that there has been constant decline of Sufi order in modernizing Egyptian
• Sufism is entirely different from Sunni or Shi’a customs and traditions. (Because Sufi people are within Sunni group and their faith and creed also same.
They don’t follow Wahabism as well as they are against any sort of extremism)
• Sufism is used in incongruence to radical version of Islam.
• Sufism in the modern Muslim community reflects as a position taken on radicalism, integration and traditionalism among others.
• The superstition of the people that spring them to honour the saints. (I believe it is not superstitions but their religious and moral duty to honour their

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