Summary Analysis Essay Assignment

Summary Analysis
                  Summary Analysis

Summary Analysis

Constructed knowing describes the process of creating an innovative solution that could only occur as a result of your unique and sustained collaboration

Write the Evaluation Do whatever work needs to be done in terms of further research on mechanism for evaluating your progress, success, and setbacks. About the problem and solution

Here is the Problem.
Power Imbalances that Create Communication Barriers’; Between staff nurse and supervisor nurse, MD and nurse

The topic is broad but we will focus on the individual relationships that nurses have with others, knowing that there are systems and individual coping
factors that impact workplace violence that can be dissected apart – so we can identify some causes of stress. We hope to focus on solutions that are
manageable and measurable in terms of evaluating ‘progress, success and safety

The Solutions that we offered were:
1 Develop collaboration practice and guidelines ,
2 in line with ‘Zero tolerance’; for workplace violence
3.Break the silence of bullying and ridicule by confronting the perpetrator in private, talking calmly about the conflict and offering up alternatives to
disrespect and backstabbing behaviors
4.To address high turnover we addressed improving teamwork, leadership skills and staffing issues
5.To manage stress and power imbalances, we talked about use of humor vs sarcasm, improving coping skills and journal clubs. Personal health is important.

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