Summary of The Chapter Where Do We Draw the Lines

Summary of The Chapter Where Do We Draw the Lines For this assignment, you will be writing a summary of the chapter “Where Do We Draw the Lines” excerpted from Jeffery Seglin’s book The Good, the Bad, and
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Summary of The Chapter Where Do We Draw the Lines
Summary of The Chapter Where Do We Draw the Lines

Choosing Right When Ethical Dilemmas Pull You Apart. Your summary should be approximately 600 words.
– Begin your summary by referring to the author and the title, and by writing down the thesis/central idea in your own words.
Following this information, give a brief summary of each major section of the article, condensing the supporting ideas.
– Select a few significant, illustrative examples or specifics that support the main ideas.
Write the summary, imitating the organizational pattern of the article/chapter.
Editing Strategies
– Use vivid and exact language to make your summary clear and interesting. Refer to the thesaurus, if necessary.
– Use effective transitional expressions between statements within a paragraph and between paragraphs.
– Use present tense in referring to the author and the article. For instance, the “author states” instead of the “author stated”; the “article contains”

instead of the “article contained.”
– In your first reference to the author, use both names; for subsequent references, use only the last name.
– Make sure you retain the same tone and emphasis as the writer maintains.
– Don’t include your opinions on the issues.
– Don’t include direct quotations from the article. Present the information in your own words.

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