Supply chain Blue Ocean Strategy approach

Supply chain Blue Ocean Strategy approach
   Supply chain Blue Ocean Strategy approach

Supply chain Blue Ocean Strategy approach

Question 1:

Apply the Blue Ocean Strategy approach to assess the content and format of the 91‐201 course. Identify a few general course characteristics which you think all courses of value should have. You may start with a list of a few things which you think have worked well in this class, and other that perhaps did not. Was there anything that has surprised you (either positively or negatively)? Is there anything that needs to be changed in the course? Either because there should be MORE of something or LESS of something else, or something should be ADDED because it was not covered at all?

Compare this course with 2‐3 courses of your choice that you may have taken this term or in the past.

Question 2:

Use the Strategy Canvas we have used in class (T10) for your comparison and provide summary of your analysis

Answer the following questions:

  1. [5 pts.] What did you learn in this course (about the subject matters, yourself and your teammates)?
  2. [2.5 pts.] How do you know that you learned what you claim you learned?
  3. [2.5 pts] How do you plan to use/apply what you have learned? Is anything you learned of immediate value (e.g., you can start using it right away)?
  1. [10 pts.] Write a short essay (up to 250 words, but no less than 220). The essay should take a form of a letter addressed to the future student(s) of the Engineering Management & Globalization class. In a letter to a future fellow student, who may follow in your footsteps next time the course is offered, explain briefly what you are studying, and what you value most of things you have learned in this class that may be useful in pursuing your studies (be specific). Provide also any useful tips in terms of studying strategies, work on assignments, etc.

Anything you wish had known before taking the class (e.g., things to do or to avoid).

Hint: Use the rephrased questions as the headings of the corresponding sub‐sections

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