Supply Chain Process mapping of Diageo Ireland plc

A supply chain process mapping of Diageo Ireland plc. A description of the supply chain. Analysis of the processes ( Identify all the organisations, people, activities.

Supply Chain Process mapping of Diageo Ireland plc
Supply Chain Process mapping of Diageo Ireland plc

Information and sources involved in the supply chain and create a flow chart diagram to obtain an overview of the chain). Engage with theory as a basis for the analysis. Evaluate the effectiveness of the overall supply chain dynamics. Discuss how the supply chain fits into the overall business. Conclusions and recommendations. Particular emphasis on the Diageo Ireland and the supply chain in Ireland. 1500 words total not including any diagrams. Some of the major well known theories behind supply chain management must be discussed to include- Product and Process design. Job design Layout design Planning and Control Inventory Management Capacity Management Just In time Supply Networks These theories and more if needed.


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