Supreme Court Justice and The Nine by Jeffrey Toobin

Supreme Court Justice and The Nine by Jeffrey Toobin The first step toward fulfilling this assignment successfully is to read The Nine by Jeffrey Toobin. I realize it is not a short book but it is actually
quite fascinating.

Supreme Court Justice and The Nine by Jeffrey Toobin
Supreme Court Justice and The Nine by Jeffrey Toobin

After reading that, you should select one Supreme Court Justice who is discussed in the book (which means it would not include the latest
Justice) and write a paper about that Justice and how reading the book enlightened you about that specific Justice and/or the process of how Justices are
selected, cases are selected to be heard by the Supreme Court and how the Supreme Court and it’s Justices operate.

Supreme Court Justice and The Nine by Jeffrey Toobin Essay Requirements

Your essay needs to be at least three
pages in length.
You are encouraged to do independent research about the Justice you select to supplement the information in the book. It is important that your paper
contains enough information to demonstrate your knowledge. You must make reference to the Toobin book and what you learned about your Justice from your
In your independent research, you can also use current events or cases which illustrate your learning process. Just as an example, (and you can’t use this
one), there was a recent last-minute plea to the U. S. Supreme Court to stay the execution of a Ohio man, who claimed he was too obese to be executed. He
claimed because he was 5’7″ and 267 pounds, he was medically unfit to be executed. The Supreme Court rejected that plea. You WILL get credit if you do your
own research and you need to think of how to relate what you read to real life events.
Do not forget to cite sources properly. Every idea or thought that is not yours should be put in quotations and credit given to the original source. Even if
you do not use direct quotes in your paper, you must refer to the sources you use for generating your own ideas. You and I both know you can look on the
internet and get papers on almost any topic. Just do your own work and give proper credit to your sources and there won’t be a problem

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