Surface Currents of the Oceans Essay Paper

Surface Currents of the Oceans
                 Surface Currents of the Oceans

Surface Currents of the Oceans

Start the activity following the instructions on the activity sheet, Surface Currents of the Oceans. When you have completed the activity and only then come back and answer the questions about the activity for credit. Before working on the activity you should look at the YouTube link on the Coriolis Effect.


Activity Questions

  1. How does Ekman transport affect the net transport direction of surface waters relative to wind direction?
  2. What is the direction of ocean currents off of the east coast of the United States?
  3. What is the direction of ocean currents in the North Pacific Ocean at around 40∞N, 170∞W?
  4. Describe the function of ocean currents in the distribution of heat on Earth.
  5. Which direction (clockwise, counterclockwise) do the major ocean gyres turn in the Northern Hemisphere?Which direction do they turn in the Southern Hemisphere?

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