Symphony Fantastique Essay Assignment

Symphony Fantastique
                 Symphony Fantastique

Symphony Fantastique

Lesson 13, Discussion Board Topic, Berlioz – Berlioz 2

You are already in a group for this topic.

To receive credit for this Discussion Board Topic:

POST: Remember, in order to receive FULL credit, you must make your initial post BY THE DUE DATE.


Review the “program,” or story, of Symphony Fantastique (here’s a link:

Answer a minimum of TWO questions from the list below.

Reflection questions, Berlioz’s program to Symphony Fantastique:

  1. How do you feel about gender roles in this story? Is the female ever given a voice or a sense of freewill? How is she portrayed?  How does that impact the story?
  2. In Scene in the Fields, what causes the artist to suddenly change his emotions? Can you relate to this at all? Does this seem “normal” to you?
  3. How does the artist’s vision of his idee fixe change over the course of the story? In other words, how does she look different to him at the beginning, vs. at the end? What does this say about the nature of love?  Can you relate?
  4. What are some ways that you feel Berlioz might have done a better job of managing his emotions? Do you feel he is “wrong” to indulge in his emotions in this way? Can you relate to him?  Can you learn anything from him?
  5. What is the overall meaning, message, or theme of this story and music? Can you relate? Do you feel this is helpful, or just plain self-indulgent?

Your initial post must be made by the due date.

Your post must be thoughtful, meaning your response is detailed, specific, and addresses course content.  Cursory, lazy, or “yes/no” responses will receive no credit.

Your post must be written in a professional manner and tone, meaning all opinions should be explained and supported, and proper syntax and grammar should be consistently used throughout.  Avoid slang.


There are two part need to do. First part is post, choose two of them question to answer,around 200 words for each answer, and second part is respond, need 2 responds, each respond need around 100 words.

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