System relationships Assignment Paper

System relationships
                                    System relationships

System relationships

Using intermediate goals to better understand the problem,
Being aware of implicit goals,
Refining, revising and reformulating as needed,
Using multiple goals to recognize system relationships

For this portion of the discussion, students should select one of the bulleted points above and defend why they feel it is the most important. Students should use at least one real life example (either hypothetically, makeup a situation or use a recent news story) to support their claim.

The course textbook discusses creating a supportive culture and teams in healthcare. For this portion of the assignment, talk about one of your favorite teams and why you feel it is successful. This can be a team that you are currently part of at work, school club, a volunteer organization (i.e. church choir), or even a sports team

Use the 4 questions on page 128 of the course textbook to leverage your response:

  • What is the purpose of the team?
  • What is the ideal step-by-step process or approach to achieve that purpose?
  • What is the most appropriate structure to support and carry out that process?
  • How does the team define and measure success?

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