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Talent Management

–           Check the format of the annotated bibliography

–           Are the 6 elements requested by the instructor mentioned clearly and in the right way in each annotated bibliography

–           Does the introduction pulls the 5 journals all together and capture the similarities and differences

–           Does the conclusion stress on the main question of the topic and answer it in connection to the captured similarities and differences

–           Referencing should ONLY be from within the examined and annotated bibliography. See if the references made are correct in concept and meet what the prof wants

–           The annotated bibliographies should be little shorter

– The language could be improved to develop the bibliography to excellent level

Main Instructions:

The assignment is to submit a critical annotated bibliography of 5 academic journal articles chosen by the student of the assignment which are related in nature of the discussed topic. The critical annotated bibliography should highlight the similarities and differences and tackles in the areas of interests and main questions in each of them. The submission should be 1500-1600 words maximum. Within that limit, there should be a brief introduction (100 words) and conclusion (about 100 words) of the topic to pull the bibliography together. Elements of the Annotation

  1. Purpose/scope: “…understand the role of technology in the decline of the Dundee jute industry…” 2. Identify the theoretical position of author: “…draws on the theoretical lenses of …”
  2. Relationship to other works in the field: “…extends current understanding on the decline of …”
  3. Data collection and analysis: “Empirical section is based …”
  4. Findings, results, and conclusions: “Results show that while …”
  5. Limitations: “Lack of in-depth data…”

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