Technology Synthesis Essay Paper Available

Technology Synthesis Essay
Technology Synthesis Essay

Technology Synthesis Essay

Assignment description:
Now that you have the skills to write a response paper, we are going to apply these skills to research analysis. You will write a synthesis paper on the topic of technology.

Technology is a very broad topic, so it will be up to you to decide what you will focus on and narrow the scope of your paper appropriately. You will be expected to do your own research, and use said research to develop an argument for your paper.

You must also use different forms of quotations to support your arguments. These quotations must be appropriately formatted using MLA formatting guides.

Objectives for developing writing skills:
This writing assignment is meant to develop the following skills: ability to

1) write a synthesis paper.

2) research a topic using library and internet resources.

3) take organized and functional notes.

4) use research to develop one’s own ideas and perspectives.

5) develop strong thesis statements.

6) organize writing in a coherent manner that allows for easy reader comprehension.

7) use MLA formatting guides to appropriately quote or reference sources both within the essay and in a works cited page.

Common pitfalls to avoid:

• When writing a synthesis paper, students often have a difficult time determining how broad of a question they should answer.

Many students find that their thesis is either 1) too broad, making it difficult to discuss in depth the issues at hand; making the paper too shallow in content, or 2) not broad enough. This would cause you to not have enough content to discuss in your paper.

It is therefore important to design a thesis statement that will allow you to discuss a specific topic, so that you can add both the appropriate amount of depth and length to your paper.

• With synthesis papers it is sometimes easy to lose track of your original point. When outlining your paper, make sure that each of your main points can be related back to your thesis statement.

• It is also important to check your sources to make sure that the quotes you are using as support for your argument are actually applicable to your argument.

Many students simply add quotes in their papers because they perceive the addition of quotes, in general, as improving their paper. Unfortunately, when a quote is not appropriately used, it can actually take away from the meaning of the paper.

Grading criteria:
Your essay will be graded on the following criteria:
• Thesis statement is fully developed and covers an appropriate amount of information (10 pts)
• Essay shows thoughtfulness/critical thinking about the topic (20 pts)
• Ideas are fully developed and supported with sufficient evidence/discussion (20 pts)
• Introduction and conclusion are well developed and the paper is organized in an effective way (20 pts)
• Essay appropriately follows MLA formatting guides (10 pts)
• There are minimal errors in grammar (10 pts)
• Essay is formatted appropriately (5 pts)
• Essay meets length requirement (5 pts)

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