Ted Talk critical analysis Assignment Paper

Ted Talk critical analysis
Ted Talk critical analysis

Ted Talk critical analysis

For this assignment, you are required to review TWO speeches on ted.com. The paper requires a critical analysis of the nonverbal aspects of these speeches. Including a comparison/contrast of the two speakers’ delivery styles.

Consider the following as you view the speech and write your critical analysis:

Nonverbal Codes/Delivery

  •  What method of delivery does the speaker use? Is eye contact used effectively during delivery?
  • How do you evaluate the speaker’s voice qualities? Discuss such qualities as volume, pitch, rate, pauses, vocal variety, pronunciation, articulation and offer specific examples to support your position.
  •  Is the speaker’s personal appearance appropriate?
  • How do you evaluate the speaker’s bodily action and use of gestures during the delivery of the speech? Offer examples.
  • Based on the above analysis, what is your overall evaluation of the delivery of the speech?

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