Testout pc pro practice exam and final exam

Testout pc pro practice exam and final exam
Testout pc pro practice exam and final exam

Testout pc pro practice exam and final exam

The TestOut PC Pro exam is comprised of several questions incorporating lab activities, each requiring multiple tasks.

Time limit – for those competent in basic computer skills, completion time for the exam is approximately 45 minutes; however, there is a maximum time limit of 2 hours.

Passing score for the PC Pro Certification is 1360 on a scale of 200-2000.

The TestOut PC Pro Certification is a true 100% performance-based certification certification that measure not just what you know, but what you can do.

The TestOut PC Pro Certification measures the following topics:

  • System Components
  • Peripheral Devices
  • Storage
  • Networking
  • Printing
  • Mobile devices
  • Windows System Management
  • System Implementation
  • File Management
  • Security
  • Trouble Shooting

Time Limit: 120 Minutes

Question Count: Up to 15 performance-based simulation questions

Task Count: Up to 50 tasks

Make sure to pay attention to all the questions required to complete each exam.

Complete the attached PC Pro Certification Exam Report, and submit it using the assignment link.

Make sure you take a screenshot showing that the PC Pro Certification Exam has been completed.

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