The American Dream is Pervasive Essay

The American Dream is Pervasive Essay comparing and contrasting the way that The American Dream is presented in two of the works.

The American Dream is Pervasive Essay
The American Dream is Pervasive Essay

-There is no doubt that “The American Dream is pervasive in every aspect of our culture, from religion to politics and from literature to reality TV. However, how do authors and playwrights use this idea of the American Dream in their work? With this in mind, write a 5-page essay comparing and contrasting the way that The American Dream is presented in two of the works that I provided for you to read (which are two different genres). You will want to consider several literary elements of the pieces such as imagery, character, tone, plot, metaphor or simile in your discussion.

The American Dream is Pervasive Essay

-As you look at the pieces you have chosen, consider the critical elements of “The American Dream” presented in the two works. One of the things you may want to consider is the manner in which the story, poem, or play is presented to the reader.

Does the issue of “The American Dream” affect the way you view the speaker, narrator, or characters? Is one presentation of the topic saner than the other? More realistic? More unrealistic? Also, consider the purpose of “The American Dream” in the works. Is it in the background or is it the backbone of the piece? Is the message of the work wrapped up in the view of the dream the author wants us to see? Is there any metaphor or imagery that directly affects the way “The American Dream” is presented? Is it different in the two pieces? Similar?

The American Dream is Pervasive Essay

-Don’t just answer these questions and call it an essay, but carefully read the two works and discover for yourself the elements of each that affect the presentation of “The American Dream.” In addition to your own analysis of the works, you must

& only use at least four (4) secondary sources that you incorporate into your argument, (that I will attach for you to use).

The American Dream is Pervasive Essay

The two primary sources (which is from the book) do not count in this number, but you must cite them on your works cited page. Whatever you choose to focus on within these two pieces, remember that your focus should be equally on the similarities and differences in the way each story presents love. At all costs, avoid writing two “mini-essays” that do not connect the texts. Please use MLA style for your in-text citations and works cited page.

The American Dream is Pervasive Essay Requirements

– Begin with an interesting and informative title

– Make a clear and concise claim (have a focused thesis that is underlined)

-Compares and Contrasts love in the two works

-Offer a variety of reasons to support your claim and relate the texts to each other

-Use evidence from the texts of the 2 works to support your claim (in-text cites and Works Cited required)

-Use 4 secondary sources (in-text cites and Works Cited required)

-Be carefully argued and clearly written

-Use diction and style appropriate to a formal essay

-Be free of grammatical and mechanical errors, including staple, default margins, and page #s

-Be double spaced and in Times New Roman, 12-pt. Font (no bold print)

-Be written in the third person!!!

-Be at least 4 but 5 pages are better

-Follow MLA requirements including Works Cited, in-text citations, page format, etc.


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