The Core Marketing Process within the Organization

The Core Marketing Process within the Organization Marketing Plan


  1. Title page – must include the following:
  2. Course number and name
  3. Paper title
  4. Student name
  5. Date submitted
  6. Respectfully submitted to: (instructor’s name)
  7. Abstract (Overview of the organization)
  8. Submission must include the following
  9. Executive Summary
  10. Brief Overview
  11. Identify the core marketing process within the organization
  12. Competitive Analysis
  13. Determine whether the organization utilizes data warehouses. If so, determine the effectiveness of these warehouses.

The Core Marketing Process within the Organization

The Core Marketing Process within the Organization

If not, determine if the utilization of data warehouses is a feasible idea for the organization. Please explain why.

  1. Strategies
  2. Identify the organization’s target market
  3. Identify the major methods of targeting
  4. Identify how the organization obtains sale leads. Is there an incentive for employees with regards to generating new leads?
  5. Identify five possible customer concerns about privacy and security in mobile space with regards to your specific organization.
  6. Conclusion

Your project needs to be in word format with the following formatting techniques implemented

o          Times New Roman font

o          Size 12-point font

o          Headings following each of the noted areas of requirements

o          Heading must follow APA 6th edition formatting standards. For more information regarding these standards please visit

o          You may use sub-headings, but you must follow APA 6th edition standards when using sub-headings

The Core Marketing Process within the Organization

o          You MUST include 10-12 scholarly resources. You can accomplish this by utilizing the library database. These resources must originate from journals and or books. Additionally, the resource must have been published within the last five


o          Resources MUST be parenthetically cited through the entire submission.

o          A reference list must be included. Please note all citing throughout the entire submission is to follow APA 6th edition formatting.

o          The plan needs to be between 10-15 pages, double spaced.


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