The Cultural Differences and Multicultural Ethical

The Cultural Differences and Multicultural Ethical the two multicultural ethical guidelines from the APA of which I have chosen for this week’s discussion are Guideline 2 and Guideline

The Cultural Differences and Multicultural Ethical
The Cultural Differences and Multicultural Ethical

3. I found Guideline 2 to be significantly relevant to the case study. It states that we must aspire to recognize and understand [differences in beliefs which] can influence [our] perceptions of and interactions with others (APA, 2002). This seemed particularly applicable as it related to the statistical analysis of why (reasons) mothers create neonaticide and Jane’s potential cultural motivation based on her perception of how her parents would react to her pregnancy. The case study made it fairly clear that the investigation targeted Jane as malicious in intent and the cultural differences were not considered. We learned later in the case study that Jane had legitimate concerns about how her parents would perceive her and the pregnancy which could have added significant stress towards a strained psyche and any potential mental disorder. From a different culture, we (myself included) may not have considered how influential this could be.

The Cultural Differences and Multicultural Ethical

Guideline 3 requires that psychologists consider and attempt to understand how language and communication differences can have significant impacts on interactions and we must consider both our own language is unique elements and that of the individual(s) we interact with (APA, 2002). This was violated in the case study and something I realized early on before the case study addressed it directly. Janeís ability to communicate was poor at best and the lack of a translator severely impacted the interviews with her. Speaking from experience, if you are learning or new to a language, you know broad and blunt phrases and words. Common words usually come first, and grammar and the ability to articulate complex thoughts come latter. I have taken Russian and German, my native language is English, and trying to make sense of these other languages is like speaking like a caveman. Not only can languages convey very different meanings for the same idea or multiple meanings for a word, but the lack of ability to speak a common language significantly impacts true communication…

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