The Culture of Consumption and Everyday Life

The Culture of Consumption and Everyday Life of Consumption and Everyday Life What we would like you to consider in this essay:

The Culture of Consumption and Everyday Life
The Culture of Consumption and Everyday Life

In his book Consumption and Everyday Life, published by Routledge in 2006, Mark Paterson considers the idea that there are important links between ‘lifestyle, choice and identity as performed through the consumption and display of particular purchasable goods’ (Paterson, 2006: 49).
What are the links between consumption (and identity) in relation to your design discipline and your own practices of consumption (or non-consumption)?
The assessment is in part to prepare you for the dissertation next year and will focus on some key skills:

Primary research and Secondary research for The Culture of Consumption and Everyday Life

Writing an annotated bibliography
Primary research
in week 3 of the miniblock we will conduct a visit to a department store as an exercise in the gathering of primary research data. You do not have to use this in your essay, but you should consider it as an example of how to do primary research. In particular, we will focus on observations and analysis and material culture analysis.

The Culture of Consumption and Everyday Life Secondary research

crucial to this assignment will be secondary research (a review and discussion of academic literature). This will underpin your analysis with material from recognised academic sources (books, articles from academic journals and the databases held by the library). A library induction is offered in week 4 and is intended as a development on what you did at L4, so please ensure that you attend.
For this assessment we expect you to use at least five academic sources. Of these, at least two should be journals. You should be consulting books and using the databases you were shown in library inductions. Please note, that if you do not use academic sources then your grade will be affected. (Please remind yourself of the CCS Grading Scheme which is on Weblearn.)

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