The Ethical Dilemma Case Study Analysis

The Ethical Dilemma Case Study Analysis For your final course assignment, present and analyze the ethical dilemma of the case study you have selected (file uploaded). In your analysis:
Incorporate a synopsis of the FLORIDA state laws.
Present the applicable ethical guidelines of the professional association representing your field.

The Ethical Dilemma Case Study Analysis
The Ethical Dilemma Case Study Analysis

Apply an ethical decision-making model to the presented dilemma.
Note: Refer to Chapter 16; “Ethical Decision-Making: A Hermeneutic Model”; and Chapter 17″ Application of the Hermeneutic Model”; in
your Houser text, Culturally Relevant Ethical Decision-Making in Counseling, to select an applicable ethical decision-making model.
Conduct research of relevant scholarly materials to develop a resolution to the ethical concern, and support your statements and conclusions with evidence or examples from your research.
Your Case Study Analysis should be organized according to the following sections, in the order listed:

The Ethical Dilemma Case Study Analysis Analysis Content

Section 1 – Presentation of the Ethical Dilemma (2–5 pages)
Briefly summarize the case you chose, including a description of the client or clients and the presenting therapeutic concern.
Describe the ethical dilemma (or dilemmas) of the case.
Choose an ethical decision-making model (from your text or another peer-reviewed resource).
Apply the decision-making model to the case study’s ethical dilemma with particular attention to both the AAMFT and ACA ethical codes involved in this case.
Consider how your own personal biases and values shape or influence your approach.
Section 2 – Synopsis of State Laws (1–3 pages)
Identify and provide a synopsis of the state laws that would pertain to the case study’s ethical dilemma.
Evaluate how the laws would affect your analysis and resolution of the case study’s dilemmas.
Section 3 – Resolution of the Ethical Dilemma (2–4 pages)

The Ethical Dilemma Case Study Analysis Recommendation

Based on your case study analysis, your chosen decision-making model, and the relevant laws and professional codes, identify and recommend a professionally reasonable resolution.
Briefly describe your course of action.
Examine how your personal values, emotions, and biases influence your recommended solution.
Analysis Components
Include the following components in your paper:
Title Page.
Table of Contents.
Section 1: Presentation of the ethical dilemma (2–5 pages).
Section 2: Synopsis of state laws (1–3 pages).
Section 3: Resolution of the ethical dilemma (2–4 pages).

The Ethical Dilemma Case Study Analysis Reference List

Structural Requirements
References: Incorporate a minimum of 10 peer-reviewed references.
Written communication: Written communication must be free of errors that detract from the overall message.
APA formatting: Resources and citations must be formatted according to APA (6th edition) style and formatting.
Length of paper: 5–12 typed, double-spaced pages.
Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 points.
Refer to the Case Study Analysis Scoring Guide to learn the evaluation criteria for this assignment. Submit your Case Study Analysis in the assignment area.

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