The Gift of Sex Christian Book Critique

The Gift of Sex Christian Book Critique The Gift of Sex: A Guide to Sexual Fulfillment
Open by Clifford Penner; Joyce J. Penner

The Gift of Sex Christian Book Critique
The Gift of Sex Christian Book Critique

You will complete a Book Critique that will be submitted in 2 parts during this course.
Part 1 must include the Title Page, a 150–250-word Abstract, and a Reference Page. The Reference Page must include a minimum of 5 external scholarly references for the paper. The Penner and Penner book should also be listed on the Reference page but does not count toward your 5 (minimum) required external sources.
The final submission must be 6 – 8 pages of content with a section-by-section summary of the key ideas and themes in the book followed by a critique of each section. (The length of the paper does not include the Title Page, Abstract, and the Reference Page. Points will be deducted for papers shorter than 6 pages and longer than 8 pages. There must be a minimum of 5 external scholarly references for the paper in addition to the textbook. The Penner & Penner book must be listed on the reference page. The Bible is an acceptable reference, but does not have to be cited on the reference page. Acceptable references for the paper are published books and scholarly journal articles; Wikipedia and arbitrary internet websites are not acceptable references. The critique sections are a good place to integrate your external references. Your external sources may agree or disagree with the book. Make sure statements you make in your critique section are well-articulated and well-supported by your external research. If you have questions regarding professional or scholarly references feel free to email your instructor. Your summary and critique sections of the book must be objective, not personal, and written in third person format using formal and academic tone.
Each part of the critique must be in current APA format and use a formal, academic tone. This includes headings, margins, in-text citations, and the Reference Page. Refer to the following site for additional resources:

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