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The Golden Rule
                             The Golden Rule

The Golden Rule

Sympathy, altruism, and love—these are unique human emotions and faculties. It is because human persons are created in the image of God that we are able to know and follow the golden rule, “As ye would that men should do to you, do ye to them likewise.”

Choose one of the above statements and develop a thesis that explains how Karl Marx and Pope Francis would likely respond. You don’t know exactly what they would say—but based on what you’ve read of them in The Communist Manifesto, in Louis Menand, on the one hand, and in Pope Francis’ Laudito Si, state the extent to which Marx and Francis would likely agree and the extent to which they would disagree. How would Marx want to alter quotes I, II, or III above? What key words from your quote would he want to change or substitute so that the statement more closely resembled his views? What changes would Pope Francis make? Do not be over-general about this: “Marx would not agree with any of the statements,” for example, or “Pope Francis would totally agree with number II” are the kinds of over-generalization that will not help you discuss the interesting similarities and differences between these two thinkers.

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