The gospel of Thomas Essay Assignment

The gospel of Thomas
The gospel of Thomas

The gospel of Thomas

The explanation of this assignment by the professor is:

“The task of the exegesis assignment is to write a critical analysis of a Christian text (or part of a text) of your choice. Your goal in writing this paper will be to relate your well-researched opinion on the chosen text with respect to questions such as: authorship (place, context); intended reader; political background; theological perspective; gender dynamics, etc.”

The text I have chosen is the gospel of Thomas. This is an apocryphal text not included in the canonical bible. The text is a compilation of sayings from Jesus. I would like the essay to mostly . discuss who Jesus was based on the sayings , but also to compare who Jesus is based on the canonical gospels. I would also like the essay to analyze when the text might have been written and fro whom based on the way it is written and what it might have borrowed from other gospels.

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