The Help Video Treadmill Life Summary Brief

The Help Video Treadmill Life Summary Brief
The Help Video Treadmill Life                              Summary Brief

The Help Video Treadmill Life Summary Brief For this assignment you are to watch The Help video (see Modules – Video/Podcast) and read “We Are Literally Slaves”, upon completion construct an essay as it relates to the following:

What is the storyteller’s argument (summarize briefly but thoroughly)? What motive or purpose might she have for telling her story?

Discuss the meaning of the “treadmill life” as it relates to this woman’s relationship with her own family.

Although “We are Literally Slaves” was printed in 1912 and The Help took place in the 1960s, from the video does it appear that much changed in comparison to the article? List and explain 3 similarities that you noticed.

From your reading what do you make of the dynamics of the relationship with “white wives” and their “colored women servants?” Does it appear that “white wives” rushed to the defense of their “colored women servants” why or why not? Explain.

The Help Video Treadmill Life Summary Brief Requirements

Paper should be a minimum of 1 ½ – 2 (not to exceed 3) pages typed and double-spaced with a 1” margin using Times New Roman 12 Font.

Points will be deducted for grammatical/ spelling errors (2 points for each).

For each question, a new paragraph is required, there is no need to add excessive spacing in between each question (please do not write out each question).

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