The impact of new technologies in hotel operations

The impact of new technologies in hotel operations
    The impact of new technologies in hotel                                      operations

The impact of new technologies in hotel operations

Please follow all the instructions and I have chosen topic number 3. Please dont forget a title page and references. I would kindly lie the 6 pages to be about the topic and the seventh to be the reference and tilt page. that’s all feel free to ask in case of anything

Research Assignment Objective:

Each student will be responsible for researching and writing a paper profiling a sub-topic pertinent to the overall discipline of hospitality management. The objective of this assignment is for the student to develop ideas, research, organize and evaluate information. The students are required to make judgments, develop a point of view, and present them convincingly through original thought and by providing supporting arguments through relevant and robust research.

Research Topics:

Each student will pick one topic from the list below:

Topics include:

  1. Does customer loyalty exist in the hospitality industry?
  2. Social Media – how are hotels using it to their benefit?
  3. The impact of new technologies in hotel operations
  4. Comparison of hotel guest satisfaction criteria between business and leisure travelers
  5. The reasons behind high employee turnover in the hospitality industry
  6. The dynamics of the evolving seniors market as a vital market segment for hotels
  7. The impact of Airbnb on the global lodging industry
  8. Women only floors: marketing gimmick or a security measure?
  9. Key considerations that influence the development of sub-brands by the major hotel brands.

Research Paper Guidelines:

  • Follow proper paper formatting, APA style, and proper writing techniques. Ensure that you properly source all ideas and direct quotes in the text of your paper and include a complete reference/bibliography page at the end.
  • The paper should demonstrate that research has been conducted to assess accuracy of information presented and use of various credible resources (minimum of six resources are needed from any of the following publications: magazines, newspapers, professional journals or trade magazines)
  • The paper must demonstrate the student’s critical thinking skills in the analyses and presentation of the research topic.
  • The final paper should be no more than 10 pages, double-spaced, in 11 or 12 point font. Title page, references, appendices are not included in the 10 page count.
  • Please use standard 8.5 by 11 inch paper and staple the top left-hand corner. Number the pages in middle of the bottom page.
  • Use appropriate titles and sub-titles to help organize the content and guide the reader.

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