The internet of things (IOT)

Write a report that evaluate different network technologies.

Brief Introduction:

The internet of things( IOT) is a term that encompasses many techniques between devices using methods such as NFC, Bluetooth, 802.11, 802.15 amongst others. This has allowed the practical development of smart homes where a user can operate household appliances either via a smartphone, tablet, or a voice operated device such as the amazon Echo or the Google Home.

Report requirements:

You are required to investigate IOT Technology specifically investigating the protocols used to communicate between devices and provide services to the user. Write a formal report on your finding incorporating the following aspects:
An outline of the typical application of the internet of things incorporating a diagram (created by yourself) that shows how your typical application is arranged.
A description of the data communication protocols used by these systems and how they deal with data transfer and provide the services to the end user.
A description of the technical challenges in creating smart home device.
A critical comparison of the communication technologies used by these systems.

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