The Leadership Style Traits and Behaviors

The Leadership Style Traits and Behaviors

From The Leadership Style Traits and Behaviors list below, select the leadership style you use or that you have seen used in your organization. Describe the traits and behaviors associated with your selection in your response.

The Leadership Style Traits and Behaviors
leadership style

A. Directive leadership
B. Supportive leadership
C. Achievement leadership
D. Participative leadership
Assess Your Leadership Skills Go to the Mind Tools Management Toolkit and complete the short leadership traits assessment exercise.
As you explore your strengths and weaknesses, address these items in your responses:
•What are your strengths?
•Where do you need to improve?
•Based on your assessment results, propose three recommendations for how you will improve your leadership skills.
Note: Use information from your readings (Chapters 13 and 14) and/or other outside research to support your response.

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