The Modernist Movement and the Cultural Values

The Modernist Movement and the Cultural Values Discuss how the buildings or writings relate to the cultural values and traditions of its time.

The Modernist Movement and the Cultural Values
The Modernist Movement and the Cultural Values

Is it a representative building or a new innovative structure? What other previous structures might have been a precedent or influence on the design?

Describe the physical context of a key building.

What is the character of the surrounding site area? How does the building relate to its context? Is it part of a larger set of building relationships?

Discuss the social significance of the building or literature. What impact might it have on people’s lives? On the lives of architects today? How do various types of people feel about the building? What rituals or cultural events relate to the building or writing?

Choose an architect just a midterm. What was the architects overall philosophy toward architecture? What specific ideas did the architect bring to his work? Who were the architects teachers and students?

Detailed Requirements (Important)

The Modernist Movement and the Cultural Values Format

Use Arial font, 12 point, double-spaced, with 1î on all margins.

Citation Style

Use Chicago Style 16 footnotes and a bibliography. The footnotes and bibliography do not count toward the 3000 word count. More information on Chicago Style 16 can be accessed at The Chicago Style Manual through the Purdue OWL and at Fairfield University. Please see “Chicago Style 16 Sample Paper ” as an example of what a completed paper should look like in Chicago Style 16.

Use 5 Sources

You are required to use at least 5 sources total for the 3000 word paper.Information for this paper should come from a variety of sources.

You are encouraged to use books, videos, interviews, documentaries and academically recognized scholarly web sources in order to develop your own “big idea” that will clearly articulate an organized set of ideas about the architect you have chosen.

Web page sources may be used, but online journals and publications that are accessed through the UF Libraries Databases are more appreciated.

Do not use Wikipedia (or and Wiki or encyclopedia sites) as a source as it is unverifiable and can be edited at any time. To begin your search for scholarly sources, please visit the AFA Library page.

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