The Public Turn Researched Argumentative Essay

The Public Turn Researched Argumentative Essay The Public Turn assignment is a revision of your researched argumentative essay into a new media and directed toward a public audience.

The Public Turn Researched Argumentative Essay
The Public Turn Researched Argumentative Essay

This assignment asks you to present your exigence, claim, and relevant support for your claim in a new form that is not a written, argumentative essay.

The Public Turn Researched Argumentative Essay Audience:

In the course of your research, you have developed a strong sense of the various stakeholders involved in your research topic. 

Identify a public audience—one that is general, although it probably shouldn’t be ‘everyone’—who are stakeholders and who you believe you can influence with your argument. You tailor your Public Turn specifically to this audience.

The Public Turn Researched Argumentative Essay Purpose:

Practice translating arguments from one mode of delivery and audience to another. You will need to consider what another audience will require in order to understand your argument—how will we understand your exigence, the Kairos of your situation, or the research you have done?

The Public Turn assignment also requires you to consider carefully the opportunities and constraints of various media, and how your design decision are affected by them.

Given the increasing availability of many different forms of composition, the Public Turn assignment is designed to help you think about, analyze, and practice using rhetorical concepts in non-written forms.


As the setting of your Public Turn presentation is our classroom, your tone does not have to be too formal; consider what kind of tone, voice, and delivery will best establish your ethos in this context.

The Public Turn Researched Argumentative Essay Assignment Description:

For the public turn assignment, you will need to consider a new audience, a new method of delivery, and a new purpose—tailored to this audience and mode of delivery—for your researched argumentative essay.

The media you choose is completely up to you—you can create a website or a blog, write a song, act out a sketch, paint us a picture, give us a poetry slam, create an Instagram account, choreography an interpretive dance, cook us a meal, or anything else you might think of—as long as it is not an argumentative essay.

Whatever media you choose, your Public Turn will need to make use of at least three modes of communication (e.g. textual, graphic, video, sonic, spoken, etc.). In each of these three modes, you will need to make some kind of argument or appeal.

For instance, if you decided to cook us a meal, you might make an olfactory argument using the smell of the food, a visual argument using the presentation of the meal, and a spoken argument in your explanation of the menu. Or, you might make a song and music video that incorporates a spoken argument in the lyrics, a sonic argument with the music, and a video argument in the images.

As with the argumentation of your researched argumentative essay, you will need to consider how your new audience will affect your Public Turn. Ask yourself:

  • How will you make your audience understand the stakes of your argument?
  • What information do they need to know in order to understand your research?
  • How will you best keep this audience engaged?
  • Will the same warrants and support work for your new arguments as you used in the researched argumentative essay?
  • Will the Kairos of your issue be apparent? How will you frame it?
  • What kind of biases does this audience have? How can you ethically deal with them?

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