The role of leadership competencies in innovation

The role of leadership competencies in innovation
The role of leadership competencies in innovation

The role of leadership competencies in innovation in the UAE last few years.

Research report should follow established research design principles, and support their proposal with a comprehensive and critical literature review clearly establishing the contribution of the proposed research, identifying data-sources and justifying methodological choices.

Individual Report Guideline

Research Title
Student must clearly mention the title (question) of the study.

In a paragraph, student must provide a summary of the study, highlighting the topic, sample, data collection and analysis methods, and main finding of the study.

Introduction and Background of the Study
In this section, student must provide an introduction where a background of the study and how the research question was created with relation to existing theories in the field of the study. In addition, the introduction section must also illustrate the motives behind the study. Student must also highlight research philosophy and framework of the study. Finally, the introduction must explain the structure of the study.

Objectives, problem statement and importance of the study
In this part, student must state the research problem, which is a justification for conducting the research. This will help the student emphasize the objectives of the study, state what makes this study important, and the study’s contribution towards the existing literature.

Literature review
In this section, the student must review enough relevant literature, theoretical or empirical. This will demonstrate the student’s understanding of the research topic, and help in identifying the gap in the literature.

Hypotheses of the study
Student must clearly list the main hypotheses of the study. The null hypotheses are stated and put for testing.

Data and methodology
This section provides a discussion of the size of data, data collection, sampling procedure, and statistical tools used by the study to analyze the data.

Data analysis and results
In this part, student must explain the data analysis procedure, and present results clearly with the help of tables and graphs. The results must be then explained and discussed in the light of previous literature and hypotheses.

Conclusion and recommendations
In the conclusion part, student must summarize the results of the study, highlighting the main finding of the research and stating whether a positive or a negative relationship was found.

Student must list all the references cited in text in an alphabetical order using APA reference style.

Attach a copy of the questionnaire

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